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Pipemade is an online store for drain and sewer rehabilitation professionals. We want to make the shopping experience easy and prices affordable.

We would not be here without our customers so we want to thank you for being with us. We value you the most!

If you have any questions about products, shipping or whatever comes to mind regarding to the industry please contact us. We are happy to discuss and help the best we can!

You can contact us directly via e-mail or with the form at the end of this page.

Showcase Picture of Pipemade Team, Atte


The crazy serial entrepreneur behind Pipemade™.

Rooted in the industry through previous background with companies like Picote Solutions, SACPRO and Renssi, Atte is kind of a burdock that just can't seem to leave the industry - wanted or not.

Always working to make the whole industry better, be it through service ops like Pipemade, SaaS-based industry operating system like Pipefront, extensive educational program like Pipetribe or just giving his two cents for the next ISO standards created for the in-house lining industry, he's tirelessly working for the small diameter pipe rehab industry globally.

Good luck trying to get him to skip his breakfast smoothies.

Contact: atte(at)pipemade.com

Showcase Picture of Pipemade Team, Waltteri


The systemized mind keeping Pipemade's operations on track. Thanks to this guy, you'll always receive what you've ordered. If you need support and assistance, Waltteri is the one who makes sure there's always someone to answer you in a channel you'd appreciate the most.

New to the industry itself, Waltteri has only been absorbing knowledge and information about relining & drains for a bit over a year now, but holy sh*t he's learning fast. Awesome getting sh*t done attitude, that serves you as our customer in the best way possible!

Ridiculously awesome impersonator to such a wide catalogue of people.

Contact: waltteri(at)pipemade.com

Showcase Picture of Pipemade Worldwide Shop


Pipemade US Store mainly holds the products ZewerTools produce.

We also have worldwide Pipemade store where you can discover a large variety of different drain tools.

We have Picote Solutions' legendary millers and awesome innovative products for your CIPP and drain cleaning operations. For drain coating we have Spraypoxy's efficient drain coating solutions and machines. For consumables like knocker chains and flexible shafts we have the same ZewerTool products you have seen in the US Store.

Go take a peek and contact us if you have any questions!

Go to Pipemade.com Worldwide Store

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