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Croco Chain Knocker for Hardmetal Pipes

Croco Chain Knocker for Hardmetal Pipes

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Top tier chain knocker for descaling hardmetal drain pipes?

Our Croco Chain Knocker is a masterpiece designed & manufactured for the sole purpose of offering maximum cleaning power for hard material pipes such as cast iron. Wall-to-wall cleaning is a breeze, and this bad boy also decimates roots, collapsed liners where entrance available and more.

Depending on the tool, manufactured out of high quality 3,5mm (0.14″) - 4,5mm (0.17″) thick Stainless Steel and equipped with unique curved diamond-edged block of super tough Carbide Tips, this tool is the necessity in every pipe tech's tool box.

More about the legendary Croco Chain
The Croco carbide tip gets it's name from the life-like scaled surface of the tip. It gives the tip some teeth for eating aggressively, yet keeping the tip in a very uniform design giving it the maximum strength. These tips are also manufactured from market leading, extra-tough carbide and are soldered with insane temperatures. The carbide material is the same one that is used in producing the Tiger Chains. The soldering process requires real craftsmanship, as without the skills needed, you'll end up breaking the chain while soldering the tips. Good stuff, right?

What size of pipes can i work on?

Available for pipe sizes ranging from DN50 (2") up to DN250 (10").

What size of flexible shaft is needed?

Available for shaft sizes of 8mm (5/16″), 10mm (3/8″) and 12mm (1/2″).

Good Chain Knocker for PVC?

For PVC pipes these Croco Drain Chain Knockers are a little bit too aggressive. PVC drain pipe cleaning we advice trying our Knocker Chains for PVC!

Best tool for blockage removal in hardmetal drain pipes?

If you are looking for drain chain knocker with top tier blockage removal feature we recommend testing Drill Headed Croco Chain Knocker!

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Does these products have warranty?

Yes! All Zewertools products have a standard warranty of one year.

Do you ship anywhere else than US?

Actually yes! We ship worldwide. Despite that this separate Pipemade online store is originally dedicated to US markets.

How fast is the delivery?

All products are sent from Finland. Estimated delivery time is 3-10 business days.

"Unavailable" text on product variant. Why?

This means that the variant does not exist. We suggest trying to change shaft size of the product.

For example we don't have 200mm (8") for 6mm (1/4") chain knocker for PVC and these selections make "Add to cart" as "Unavailable". But when you swap the shaft size 8mm (5/16") the "Add to cart" button is back in business!