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Croco Drain Cleaning Kit for Hardmetal Pipes 75mm (3″) - 100mm (4″)

Croco Drain Cleaning Kit for Hardmetal Pipes 75mm (3″) - 100mm (4″)

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Pipemade Croco Drain Cleaning Kit for Hardmetal Pipes is your perfect companion for quick and easy pipe cleaning and descaling operations. No more hauling those big and clumsy sectional machines causing you backpain. Just grab your cable kit and go - whatever the task ahead.

Our Croco Drain Cleaning Kit for Hardmetal Pipes  is meant for heavy duty cleaning and descaling jobs in hard materials like Cast Iron Pipes. Obliterate clogs, descale hard materials like cement, cut roots and more.

The Kit consists of:

  • 1x High quality Flexible Shaft Set of selected length and diameter
  • 1x Flexible Shaft Socket for running the flexible shaft with your drill
  • A set of high quality Croco Cleaning Chains with Carbide Tips made out of Stainless Steel. Made in Finland.
    • 1x Croco Cleaning Chain 75mm (3″)
    • 1x Croco Cleaning Chain 100mm (4″)

Just choose the size of the working diameter, the length and thickness of your cable and rock 'n roll!

This Kit is for Cast Iron and other hard pipes in scale of 75mm (3″) to 100mm (4″)

More about the legendary Croco Chain
The Croco carbide tip gets it's name from the life-like scaled surface of the tip. It gives the tip some teeth for eating aggressively, yet keeping the tip in a very uniform design giving it the maximum strength. These tips are also manufactured from market leading, extra-tough carbide and are soldered with insane temperatures. The carbide material is the same one that is used in producing the Tiger Chains. The soldering process requires real craftsmanship, as without the skills needed, you'll end up breaking the chain while soldering the tips. Good stuff, right?

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Yes! All Zewertools products have a standard warranty of one year.

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Actually yes! We ship worldwide. Despite that this separate Pipemade online store is originally dedicated to US markets.

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All products are sent from Finland. Estimated delivery time is 3-10 business days.

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