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Drain Cleaning Kit for PVC 50mm (2″) - 75mm (3″)

Drain Cleaning Kit for PVC 50mm (2″) - 75mm (3″)

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Pipemade Drain Cleaning Kit for PVC is your perfect companion for quick and easy pipe cleaning operations. No more hauling those big and clumsy sectional machines causing you backpain. Just grab your cable kit and go.

Drain Cleaning Kit for PVC is meant for light duty cleaning tasks, especially in PVC and pipes made out of other soft materials.

The Kit consists of:

  • 1x High quality Flexible Shaft Set of selected length and diameter
  • 1x Flexible Shaft Socket for running the flexible shaft with your drill
  • A set of high quality Stainless Steel Plain Chain Cleaning Chains for PVC. These chains are also made in Finland.
    • 1x Plain Chain Knocker for PVC (2-Chained) 50mm (2″)
    • 1x Plain Chain Knocker for PVC (3-Chained) 50mm (2″)
    • 1x Plain Chain Knocker for PVC (3-Chained) 75mm (3″)

Just choose the size of the working diameter, the length and thickness of your cable and rock 'n roll!

This Kit is for PVC and other soft pipes in scale of 50mm (2″) - 75mm (3″)

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Does these products have warranty?

Yes! All Zewertools products have a standard warranty of one year.

Do you ship anywhere else than US?

Actually yes! We ship worldwide. Despite that this separate Pipemade online store is originally dedicated to US markets.

How fast is the delivery?

All products are sent from Finland. Estimated delivery time is 3-10 business days.

"Unavailable" text on product variant. Why?

This means that the variant does not exist. We suggest trying to change shaft size of the product.

For example we don't have 200mm (8") for 6mm (1/4") chain knocker for PVC and these selections make "Add to cart" as "Unavailable". But when you swap the shaft size 8mm (5/16") the "Add to cart" button is back in business!