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Flexible Shaft Set With Friction Bearings

Flexible Shaft Set With Friction Bearings

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Flexible Shaft Set for Plumbing operations

Flexible Shaft Set is a bundle of flexshaft (diameter of your choosing) and a matching length of shaft cover. Both ends of the shaft cover are equipped with brass Friction Bearings to shield your shaft cover from over heating when spinnin' those chains. Just add a knocker chain or a brush + Flex Shaft Socker for Drill, and you're ready to rock those clogs!

Now also all of our 6mm (1/4″) flexible shaft sets come with new Brass Friction Bearings ready-installed as well!

Flexible shafts are the lifeblood of the modern drain cleaning industry. They are used in our Miller cleaning machines and various other tools, as well as a standalone tool when you attach a drill rotating adapter and some tools to your ready-made shaft.

Manufactured by cross-layering hardened steel cables. The end result of this magnificent manufacturing process is a solid, torque-wielding shaft that provides spinning power to your cleaning brushes, chain knockers, twisters, bores and more.

Just remember to clean & oil this baby up every now and then, and you have a mate if not for life, for a looong time anyway!

Available sizes of 8mm (5/16″), 10mm (3/8″) or 12mm (1/2″)
Different length options of 5m (16.4ft), 10m (32.8ft), 15m (49.21ft), 20m (65.6ft) and 30m (100ft). For custom length Contact Us!


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Does these products have warranty?

Yes! All Zewertools products have a standard warranty of one year.

Do you ship anywhere else than US?

Actually yes! We ship worldwide. Despite that this separate Pipemade online store is originally dedicated to US markets.

How fast is the delivery?

All products are sent from Finland. Estimated delivery time is 3-10 business days.

"Unavailable" text on product variant. Why?

This means that the variant does not exist. We suggest trying to change shaft size of the product.

For example we don't have 200mm (8") for 6mm (1/4") chain knocker for PVC and these selections make "Add to cart" as "Unavailable". But when you swap the shaft size 8mm (5/16") the "Add to cart" button is back in business!